The dream of every woman are beautiful and nourished hands which are the showcase of our image. Well-groomed hands together with beautiful nails give a woman not just more charm, but also take away the years.

In order to keep our hands in the perfect condition, we must take care of them every season, especially in winter and summer.

At this time, the skin on the hands is exposed to threatening factors such as too low temperatures, UV rays, wind and dry air which contribute to cracking, dryness and roughness of the skin. Self-discipline and regular treatments are one of the most efficient ways to anti-aging prophylaxis.

The offer of our store includes cosmetics tailored to the needs of the skin of our hands which will significantly help to delay the formation of wrinkles on the skin surface, tighten the skin and add more glamour to the nails.

Moisturizing hand creams should be used in the morning due to their fast absorption properties, on the other hand, regenerative creams which replenish the epidermal lipid layer of the skin are recommended for the evening.

The Scentuelle perfumery recommends the highest quality original products which restore elasticity and smoothness of the skin such as:

When we hear Valentine’s Day, we think of a special holiday associated with love, mutual warmth, cordiality and small presents.

A Valentine’s Day gift for her is a big challenge for every man – it should be unique and well-thought-out… and most of all – it should please your loved one.

How to choose the perfect Valentine’s gift for her?

All women enjoy cosmetics, so a cosmetic product would certainly be a dream gift.
The perfect present could also be your favorite fragrance, tailored to the type of character and personality of your partner.
Scentuelle Perfumery recommends Mon Paris Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum, a fragrance inspired by love, emanating mystery – perfect for sensual and romantic women.
Joy Dior is perfect for women who like everyday elegance, while Nomade Chloe is a delicate floral fragrance for extremely subtle ladies.

Another interesting fragrance is Izia Sisley, a floral scent, perfect for sensual, elegant women, with an aroma dominated by the queen of flowers, and the symbol of love – the rose.
If your partner is a woman who appreciates delicacy and individuality and is a fan of compositions rich in notes of vanilla and flowers, then the Mon Guerlain by Guerlain will be bull’s-eye for you.
A perfect gift for her for Valentine’s Day could also be the J´Adore Dior gift box, which apart from the fragrance contains a moisturizing body lotion that helps to keep the skin firm and soothed.

Scentuelle perfumery recommends the sets: Dolce&Gabbana The One, Good Girl Carolina Herrera, La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain, or Mon Guerlain.
A set is a perfect solution – the synergy of cosmetic products from the same line works together to create a unique fragrance on the skin of each woman.
As you know, in addition to fragrance, every woman loves the art of makeup.
Perfectly done make-up not only arouses interest in the opposite sex, but also boosts sensuality and confidence.
The perfect idea for a Valentine’s Day gift could be a luxurious lipstick like Dior Rouge Dior, Chanel Rouge Coco, Pure Color Envy Estee Lauder, or the mascara Dior Mascara Diorshow or Sisley So Curl.

How to choose the perfect Valentine’s gift for him?

Many of us are wondering what present to choose for our man.
A gift for a man should be tailored to his character and personality.
Scentuelle Perfumery recommends the Dior Homme Gift set, which feature an Eau de Toilette, a shower gel, body gel and aftershave gel.

You can find all the recommended products and many more in our perfumery.

Come explore the world of beauty by Scentuelle.

The purpose of anti-aging skin care is to slow down the aging of the skin.
This concept includes not only the treatment of age-related ailments, but also detecting and preventing changes that we start to observe on the body over time.

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Perfumes can say a lot about their owner – they bring out your character, taste, and personality.
Without a doubt, perfumes are as meaningful for women as their wardrobe or elegant jewelry.

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Cellulite is caused by improper distribution of fatty tissue which occurs in the form of protrusions and bumps on the skin.
This condition resembles orange peel and is becoming the problem of a growing number of women, regardless of age and weight.

Cellulite most often forms on the thigs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. It makes the skin of a healthy woman look
unaesthetic. The main reasons for cellulite are bad posture, sedentary lifestyle, excess of salt and sugar
in the diet, circulation problems, smoking and hormonal changes.

There are three types of cellulite:

Hard cellulite is more and more common in young and active women and is recognized as the first phase of cellulite.
Even though it is not visible at first sight, it appears when the skin is pinched.
Water cellulite forms as a result of improper diet, hormonal imbalances and disturbed blood circulation. It is
recognized as a civilization disease, as its reason is mainly sedentary lifestyle. It’s also the kind of cellulite
that is easiest to get rid of.

Lipid cellulite, also called soft, is the most frequent in the area of the thighs, hips or calves. It forms as a result of
accumulated fatty acids. The skin has visible recess and palpable fine lumps. This type of cellulite affects ladies in their
forties and is visible at first sight in persons with very low physical activity. This type of cellulite does not closely adhere
to the muscles and takes up a large part of the body.

Edema cellulite is a serious problem which should be consulted with a doctor; in its advanced stage, it may even hinder
everyday movement.

How to effectively get rid of cellulite?

Being aware of the unaesthetic appearance of particular parts of the body affected by cellulite, women make the decision to fight it.
The battle with cellulite is not easy and requires the introduction of many changes to our life. Beginning with the introduction of a
proper diet and consuming 5 regular meals during a day.

The basic ingredients should be fruits and vegetables, groats, lean fish, dark bread, sprouts – all of these products are rich in
vitamins, fiber, and micronutrients. Our menu should also include white cheese and vegetable fats.
It is worth introducing the habit of consuming at least two liters of still mineral water a day to help remove toxins from our body.

A great dose of physical activity in fresh air, customized exercises and using the right cosmetics supporting removal of cellulite are
also recommended.

Skin cleansing consists in removing dead skin cells and cornified epidermis, it’s also one of the most important treatments recommended both in the morning
and in the evening. This treatment protects your skin from an infection and dermatologic conditions.

Omitting skin cleansing contributes to excessive production of sebum, formation of blackheads and clogged pores. In turn, too frequent cleansing may cause redness
and irritation, and undermine your skin’s protective functions.

To choose the correct type of cosmetic, it is important to
know your skin type and be aware of the needs of your skin.

To achieve firmness and smoothness, we recommend
preparations such as micellar liquid, gel, cream or foam.
Proper skin care makes it nourished, radiant, firm,
elastic and, above all, hydrated. Systematic treatments
make us feel comfortable, and improve our mood and

Dior Hydra Life Cleansers

Why is makeup removal so important in skin cleansing?

Sisley Bio Promo

Almost every woman cannot imagine leaving the house
without make up on. Foundation, concealer, powder
and other makeup products are like garments for your
skin. At the end of the day, the skin shows signs
of fatigue and stress, as well as collected dust, dirt
or grease.

After an exhausting day, especially during hot summers,
you often dream of a relaxing bath and well-deserved
rest. Don’t forget about your skin and give yourself
a proper make up removal treatment.

Leaving make up on or imprecise cleansing prevents your skin from breathing and give you additional wrinkles. Underoxidized skin will lose its glow and beautiful color, which is why it is so important to remove makeup at the end of the day.

The Scentuelle online perfumery offers verified, dermatologically tested products of the highest quality perfect for removing make up. The makeup category includes make up removal products such as: La Prairie CELLULAR Eye Make Up Remover, Estée Lauder GENTLE Eye Make Up Remover, cosmetic lotions by Dior, Sisley, Sensai, facial tonics Sisley-Paris Grapefruit Toning Lotion or Dior Purifying Toning Lotion.

Sensai Silky Purifying

With products recommended by our specialists, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your skin will take on more glow, firmness and elasticity which you will surely fall in love with.

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