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Which scent to choose for specific seasons and times of day?

Perfumes can say a lot about their owner – they bring out your character, taste, and personality.
Without a doubt, perfumes are as meaningful for women as their wardrobe or elegant jewelry.

Your scent is an element of your entire image, which remains invisible, but subconsciously shares information about you
with the environment. Fragrances are inseparably connected with our memories and experiences, they invoke pleasant,
positive associations or link them to negative feelings.

If you know yourself and your expectations, you will not
have much trouble with picking the smell that suits you
best.Learn how to choose perfumes to emphasize your
individual personality.

The most important criteria are your individual taste.
You are the first person who should feel good in the
company of a given perfume. Knowing what you like
and yourself, you will be able to intuitively determine
the scents that are suitable for you.Perfumes should
give you sensual pleasure.

It is important that the fragrance matches your lifestyle.
Whether you are more active during the day, or rather
calm, you should pick perfumes that go perfect with your
character, everyday experiences, and season or time
of the year.

Which scent to choose for specific seasons and times of day?

During the day, we often choose light and refreshing fragrances that allow us to feel comfortable and are not excessively
noticeable by others.Such scents are perfect for work. In the spring and summer, we mainly decide on wearing floral scents.
The Scentuelle perfumery offers beautiful fragrances that you will surely admire:

Floral scents constitute a greater part of the best perfumes for women. It is a delicate, feminine family of perfumes
loved by romantic women. Floral perfumes for women perfectly match the summer aura – they are delicate, and not too
intensive. The absolute classics are rose and jasmine. The spring is also filled with light and fresh fruity citrus
scents which are perfect for those women who are active every day.

Before you get carried away by the magic
of floral-fruity aromas, remember to apply
perfumes with a light hand – their scent in
the summer is more intense.

Eau de toilettes are also worth a mention,
they are perfect for this time of year.
Refreshing summer perfumes give new, fresh
energy. They hide citrus accords, with hints
of minty, green additives.
Summer perfumes bring a pleasant chill that
you are sure to enjoy on a hot day.

We recommend Guerlain eau de toilettes like Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune, Mandarine Basilic;
Light Blue from Dolce & Gabbana, perfumed water Code Pour Femme, Acqua di Gioia by Armani
or the perfumed water for men and women Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford.

In the autumn and winter, we choose heavy, warm and oriental scents that emphasize the female sensuality.
They mostly include wood tones like sandalwood, musk, ambergris, carnation, nutmeg, exotic flowers and
cinnamon, with a frequent presence of hints of vanilla or tangerine.

Oriental fragrances stand out with their intensive durability and original composition.

For the most part, they are not fit for the office, nor for hot summer days. They are mainly recommended for nights out.
The Scentuelle perfumery recommends beautiful scents which take every woman to the world of her dreams.
Oriental fragrances include: