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Why is makeup removal so important in skin cleansing?

Skin cleansing consists in removing dead skin cells and cornified epidermis, it’s also one of the most important treatments recommended both in the morning
and in the evening. This treatment protects your skin from infection and dermatologic conditions.

Omitting skin cleansing contributes to excessive production of sebum, the formation of blackheads and clogged pores. In turn, too frequent cleansing may cause redness
and irritation, and undermine your skin’s protective functions.

To choose the correct type of cosmetic, it is important to
know your skin type and be aware of the needs of your skin.

To achieve firmness and smoothness, we recommend
preparations such as micellar liquid, gel, cream or foam.
Proper skin care makes it nourished, radiant, firm,
elastic and, above all, hydrated. Systematic treatments
make us feel comfortable, and improve our mood and

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Why is makeup removal so important in skin cleansing?

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Almost every woman cannot imagine leaving the house
without make up on. Foundation, concealer, powder
and other makeup products are like garments for your
skin. At the end of the day, the skin shows signs
of fatigue and stress, as well as collected dust, dirt
or grease.

After an exhausting day, especially during hot summers,
you often dream of a relaxing bath and well-deserved
rest. Don’t forget about your skin and give yourself
a proper make up removal treatment.

Leaving make up on or imprecise cleansing prevents your skin from breathing and give you additional wrinkles. Underoxidized skin will lose its glow and beautiful color, which is why it is so important to remove makeup at the end of the day.

The Scentuelle online perfumery offers verified, dermatologically tested products of the highest quality perfect for removing make up. The makeup category includes make up removal products such as: La Prairie CELLULAR Eye Make Up Remover, Estée Lauder GENTLE Eye Make Up Remover, cosmetic lotions by Dior, Sisley, Sensai, facial tonics Sisley-Paris Grapefruit Toning Lotion or Dior Purifying Toning Lotion.

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With products recommended by our specialists, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your skin will take on more glow, firmness and elasticity which you will surely fall in love with.