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The dream of every woman are beautiful and nourished hands which are the showcase of our image. Well-groomed hands together with beautiful nails give a woman not just more charm, but also take away the years.

In order to keep our hands in the perfect condition, we must take care of them every season, especially in winter and summer.

At this time, the skin on the hands is exposed to threatening factors such as too low temperatures, UV rays, wind and dry air which contribute to cracking, dryness and roughness of the skin. Self-discipline and regular treatments are one of the most efficient ways to anti-aging prophylaxis.

The offer of our store includes cosmetics tailored to the needs of the skin of our hands which will significantly help to delay the formation of wrinkles on the skin surface, tighten the skin and add more glamour to the nails.

Moisturizing hand creams should be used in the morning due to their fast absorption properties, on the other hand, regenerative creams which replenish the epidermal lipid layer of the skin are recommended for the evening.

The Scentuelle perfumery recommends the highest quality original products which restore elasticity and smoothness of the skin such as: