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    • Jeanne Piaubert
    Skin Type
      • Mixed Skin
      • Normal Skin
      • Very Dry Skin
        Key Ingredients
          • Glycerin
          • Citric Acid
          • Hyaluronic Acid
            • 15ml
            • 30ml
            • 50ml
            • 75ml
            • 100ml
            • 125ml
            • 150ml
            • 200ml
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              L’HYDRO-ACTIVE 24H Natural Hyaluronic Acid

              New Price: 28,00 

              L’HYDRO-ACTIVE 24H Tri-Hydrating Fresh Mask

              New Price: 26,00 

              L’HYDRO-ACTIVE 24H Tri-Hydrating Eye Cooling Gel-Cream

              New Price: 27,00 

              L’HYDRO-ACTIVE 24H Tri-Hydrated Fresh Jelly

              New Price: 34,00 

              L’HYDRO-ACTIVE 24H Tri-Hydrating Comfort Cream

              New Price: 36,00 

              LE SÉRUM UNIVERSEL Night Repairing Elixir

              New Price: 54,00 

              SLIMTECH 24h/24 Smart Anti-Cellulite Gel

              New Price: 44,50 

              DIVINSKIN Rejuvenating Anti-Pollution Serum

              New Price: 46,00 

              DIVINSKIN Rejuvenating Sleeping Mask

              New Price: 48,00 

              GELEE CRISTALLINE Eye Make-Up Remover

              New Price: 29,00 

              TONIQUE AROMATIQUE Aromatic Toning Mist for the Face

              New Price: 19,00 

              INISCIENCE Hydro-Regulating Toner


              ISOPURE Moisturising Matifying Fluid for the Face

              New Price: 27,00 

              WONDERFESS 3D Bottom Resizing Anti-Cellulite Gel

              New Price: 28,00 

              PEAU D’ANGE Beautifying Dry Oil Body & Hair

              New Price: 34,90 

              RÉGÉNACTIVE Restructuring Comfort Eye Cream

              New Price: 37,00 

              RÉGÉNACTIVE Restructuring Comfort Day Cream

              New Price: 55,00 

              RADICAL FIRMNESS Lift and Restructuring Face Serum

              New Price: 59,00 

              NOURILYS Nutri-Repair Mask Serum Face and Eyes

              New Price: 32,00 

              NOURILYS Soothing Nutri-Repair Face Cream Dry Skin


              IRILYS Eye Contour Care Mask

              New Price: 28,00 

              CERTITUDE ABSOLUE Ultra Anti-Wrinkle Lip Contour Care


              CERTITUDE ABSOLUE Ultra Anti-Wrinkle Serum

              New Price: 54,00 

              SUPREM’ADVANCE PREMIUM Anti-Ageing Cream for Neck and Décolleté